A Message to Millennials

Oh indeed

Hold on to those tears. Lock into that foetal position. Man the gun towers of your safe spaces. You are accused of being too sensitive, too fragile, too offended… too ‘snowflake’, I believe…



Crack on!

Understand that the people who label and mock you have been brought up in a hard world. Just as you have. There is a lot of suffering, and for them to be sensitive meant to suffer. Few had the courage to be open hearted in this assault of life on Earth. And so they judge you and you cry and they laugh and write articles and you flap your arms… and cry.

But they forget the direction of evolution. They mistake their lack of understanding as errors in your blueprint. To them your inability and unwillingness to adapt to a profoundly sick society is indicative of weakness. To you, though, it is an innate sense of health and truth and righteousness… a deep yearning and intuition of a better way, a better life, a better world.

Of course you are young, and so stupid things are said and done. You too are ignorant, but this is the misleading ignorance of youth. They condemn you for not having your shit together at 21 and refuse to acknowledge the inevitability of life to craft and shape youthful folly into something much more substantial because they are afraid to acknowledge where this is leading and what you will become. They judge you because they don’t understand. They condemn you because you are a mirror to their unparalleled inadequacies and mistakes. No species has ever come close to having the capacity to destroy a whole planet and all life on it, nor have they ever set it into motion. The people who laugh at you have fucked up on a cosmic level. And deep down they know it and they hate you for pointing it out.

Does this world look like they knew what they were doing? What quality of people and choices results in this here world? The truth is that those who mock you are clueless and guessing. The architects and passengers of this insane world are clueless and guessing. Our non-leader leaders are clueless and guessing. The media commentators so quick to position themselves as experts are clueless and guessing. Hence this world. This is not a world born of intelligence and understanding. No species that destroys itself, destroys each other, and destroys the very environment that it needs to survive can regard itself as intelligence.

This world is the natural result of clueless minds, too insecure to admit to their ignorance, haplessly guessing at a direction under the deluded guise of qualification, getting it horribly fucking wrong on a scale once unimaginable, and then rolling their eyes at the young and bewildered cursed to be born into their mess who are utterly sick and despairing of it all.

They are clueless and guessing, and until they have the humility to acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, they don’t know what the fuck they are talking about, then ignore them. BUT, when that humility comes do not overlook nor understate how much they also have to offer. Your energy, compassion and brimming mind is the future, but the realisation of a healthy future depends upon the vital nuances of understanding that only living life can give you… that only those who currently sneer are positioned to share. Youthful optimism and energy is not enough. Really.

And, to those who deride the snowflakes. The generations that destroyed the environment. Who lived well at the expense of their children and grandchildren to come. Who allowed 22,000 children under the age of five to die every day because of poverty whilst they got fat and scraped half plates into bins (shameful, how fucking shameful). Who got rich or celebrated getting rich whilst billions struggled just to survive. Who supported war after war on nations and people pitiful and pathetic in the face of such sophisticated brute force… bullies is what we are. Who know that their leaders lie and distort and feed themselves but who do nothing to hold them to account, let alone take their own lead. To those who sneer at the squeals and tears of the young… roll your eyes inwards and look at your own fucking heart. Maybe if you’d had the courage to hurt with your fellow human beings, to cry at the agonies of the world, to petulantly demand better ways, then these hellish existences would not exist. You hold no position to be judging anyone.

Sensitivity is a superpower. To be sensitive to the suffering and injustice in the world is a world-changing ability. Never, ever, ever forsake it for the sake of placating the ignorance and fear of those that sneer. Instead, refine and strengthen your sensitivity, reinforce it with humility, knowledge and a life lived. Be humble enough to learn and to grow, and strong enough to walk to your own beat when the world demands conformity. Become the biological weapons of change and benefit that this world so badly needs. In the end, you will be loved.

Donald, this is how you solve the ‘kids in cages’ problem…

Blow them up.

You know, like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Vietnam, Korea, and so on.

Here is the thing. You put a kid in a cage and there’s going to be outrage. Because, well, it’s a kid in a cage.

BUT, when you drop a bomb on a child and blow them up… you know we don’t care about this. We do it all the time! We’ve blown up fucking loads of them! It’s a perfect solution.


The War On Terror HAS Been Good For Us

The sight of the army on Britain’s streets after the Manchester suicide bomb attack is a clear sign that the UK’s foreign policy and approach to fighting terrorism is not working, Jeremy Corbyn has said. The Labour leader said there must be more money for law enforcement, as he suggested Britain’s intervention in wars abroad had fuelled the risk of terrorism at home.

I’m confused. I see no reasonable, logical, emotional or spiritual connection between us dropping bombs on fellow human beings, brothers and sisters of the one, and their desire to retaliate by bombing us.

I mean, everyone knows that all human beings are perfect and holy, devoted practitioners of impeccable forgiveness, with endless patience, and an eternal resistance to anger and pain. So it’s not even possible – logically or emotionally – for a human being who has had their children blown limb from limb, their parents burnt to a shrivel, and their local Tesco Extra (or whatever they’ve got over there) bombed into a temporary and inconvenient closure to then wish vengeance upon the perpetrators. It’s unfathomable!

I take this man seriously

I mean, who cares, right? We’re all chilled here. Ain’t no biggie. And, yet, here’s Jamie Corbyn suggesting that there could be a connection. Well, I say ‘hell no, Mr Corbyn… hell no‘. We ain’t called GREAT Britain for a laugh. The clue is in the name… we’re great, we do great things, always have done, always will do. There’s no Fabulous France, is there? No Super Switzerland, right? Just Great Britain… being great, doing great, feeling great. And the world looks on in awe.

Great even for black people

You know, I remember a time when two burglars broke into the family home. I must have been 10 at the time. My Mum was tied up and raped and my Dad was tortured with boiling water (from the stove too, it took them ages to find the matches, my Dad valiantly refused to locate them for them, and, then, well, you know what they say about a ‘watched stove’! ) because the burglars – wrongly, as it turned out – had believed my parents had valuable jewels in the house. But the only jewel in our household was the jewel of universal love for all human beings – a jewel shared by all human beings.

Fortunately, my bedroom was up in the attic space so I remained safe from rape and torture, although, perfectly privy to the sounds of all the ‘goings on’. And, you know, I have to say, I was totally chilled about it all. I really didn’t mind my Mum being raped or my Dad being tortured at all. Because, I’m a human being, and far, far evolved from petty emotions like anger, horror, terror and pain. So I cracked on with an eight man team battle on Tekken 3.

I always started with Hwoarang, he had incredible kicking ability that could quickly accelerate into a devastating flow, and, if my memory serves me correctly, I think this was the first time I did the ‘full sweep’, i.e. with Hwoarang alone I beat all eight of the computers fighters! God I was good back then. Fast, sharp, great defence, and, although my friends decried my ‘basic moves’ (I had no time for combo’s, I wanted the kill, not a show), I became almost unbeatable for a good six months at my peak. Good times. Really.

My man

Anyway, my Mum was raped for 2 hours and my Dad ended up in hospital for 14 weeks, but I didn’t bat an eyelid, just cracked on with my Tekken 3 training regime (5 hours a day), and my parents weren’t fussed at all. In fact, I seem to remember my Dad being more perturbed about the stove being left on! Because, you see, this sort of thing – touch of rape, dollop of torture – doesn’t bother us human beings.

Me with my parents the very next day

So, I get it. From experience. I know that Iraqis, Afghans, Syrians, and all the other ones, don’t give a shit about their parents, partners, children, friends, selves etc. being mutilated, disfigured and killed, because this is not the sort of thing that bothers human beings. We are whole. We are one. We know that life is an illusion – no more real, no more substantial than a giant virtual reality game. So why be bothered? Plus, don’t Muslims have Mohammed, and didn’t Mohammed tell them to be peaceful? And, isn’t it just that easy to be and do something once you’ve been told?

‘It’s been a sunny day so i’ll meet you at the cemetery gates, Keats and Yeats are on your side…’

Fact is, these terrorist attacks are incomprehensible. No-one know why it is happening. It’s an unexplainable phenomena that can’t be explained. Personally, I think this might be a case for Mulder and Scully! You see, I’m chilled, and quick to humour / reference pop culture. Cos I’m perfect and holy, you’re perfect and holy, and our world is perfect and holy, and if you want to bomb my home, kill my children, or even rape my Mum and torture my Dad, you’ll find no anger or desire for vengeance from me, nor any human beings. Nuh uh. So suck on that evil alien overlords and your plans for world domination. You’ll never rile us with your big lasers and impenetrable force fields. We’ll just love you, forgive you, sooth your pains, and return you to your home planet lighter, happier and more flowery.

Fuck yeah! Classic 90’s

I’ve lost track of what I’m saying, but, basically, suck a minging cock, Corbyn, you big dick monkey.

How A Self-Less World Would Function

Selfishness and greed are causing irreparable damage to our world, to ourselves, and to each other that no ideology or political system is able to manage or end. Instead, what is needed is a clear understanding of the personal and social values of a self-less mindset – a mindset that is as concerned for the wellbeing of others as much as, or more, than for themselves – and how a self-less society would function and could be brought into existence. The ideas below provide a starting point. 

The basis of a self-less society is a self-less attitude, i.e. a mindset that is concerned for the wellbeing of others as much as, or more, than for  themselves. A self-less individual cares about the happiness and well-being of others with no concern about what they will get back in return. For example…

A farmer – who farms because that is their passion / talent – grows food for her local community. Because she has a self-less attitude she provides the food that she grows for free. The people who receive the food also have self-less attitudes, and, so, they think about the well-being of the farmer, asking her if there is anything that she needs or needs help with. This is not in exchange for the food – as even if she could not provide food at a certain point they would still offer their help – but because they are self-less minded. Anything that the farmer needs or needs help with is provided to her from whoever has what is needed, or who can provide the help.

This same model applies for each member of the community population. Each individuals primary work is the development and sharing of their own interests, passions, skills and talents. If there is a gap missing in the community, i.e. if there is no-one with a passion for waste collection and disposal, then the gap is filled voluntarily through each individuals community service. Community service is a voluntary and joyful role because it is the chance to give back to a community that supports and enables them to live a fulfilling, meaningful life, exploring and developing their own interests. Whilst a selfish mind assures us of at least one person looking out for us and helping us (ourselves) the self-less individual is supported, helped and cared for by many others, and, just as they help us, we help them… a self-perpetuating cycle.

Communities could form around certain ideas or functions. For example, those of a certain spiritual interest could live and practice together. Or, those who are interested and skilled in a certain technology might live and work together. There would be no competition, because everyone has a self-less mind and they only wish to see success for one another, as well as the ensuing development of advanced technologies that are going to be of benefit to both themselves and all other human beings. If a certain technology is recognised as beneficial to humanity then all the resources needed to produce it will be provided by other communities. There would be no charge because there would be no need for money. The products would then be manufactured and delivered to all who want one.

If someone wanted something then it would be located on the internet, ordered and then sent to them (again, freely). But people would not want things for their own benefit or to accumulate wealth – in fact, because everyone can have anything they want, there is no concept of material wealth since there is no value in accumulating material resources. Plus, it wouldn’t be seen as desirable anyway, since happiness and fulfilment is understood to be attained elsewhere i.e. through a self-less attitude as well as the freedom to explore and develop their own passions… surely the most fulfilling way to live our lives. The motivation for acquiring material resources would be simple… ‘it would help me to help others if I had this’.

If a community was lacking a certain skill, for example, a doctor, then a doctor from another community would self-lessly choose to move to that community. If there was a general lack of a certain skill at a particular time then the natural self-less mindset would inspire some people to take on those roles temporarily even if it was not their particular passion or interest.

It should also be considered that because each individuals primary education is in the development of their passions, skills and talents, most people would be, what we currently consider to be, ‘geniuses’. As such, humanity would make incredible developments and have access to amazing technologies that would massively enhance our lives, and, that, again, would be shared freely for the benefit of all. There would be technologies available that cannot be discussed now because they would likely be beyond our comprehension, such is the power of fully realised human beings co-operating with each other for the benefit of all. As such, as positive as this outline of a self-less society is, it would likely be much, much better in reality.

Trust would prevail. If a technology community requested resources then they would be provided without any hint of suspicion (concepts like suspicion, deceit, theft etc. would disappear). It would be a given that the technology had been properly researched and developed and was of genuine benefit to humanity because the individuals developing the technology would be self-less and only concerned with benefitting all.

Humans would be naturally productive for two reasons, 1. Because they spend their lives doing what they love to do do, and 2. Because they want their community and others to be happy and well, and, so, they genuinely wish to contribute all that they can. Because everyone would recognise this shared mindset in others, everyone would be self managed. No-one would need motivating (another concept that would die out), and, if people needed rest then they would take it without question. No-one would think to take advantage of such a way of living that benefits them and others so much.

To achieve a self-less society we must first fully understand the possibilities and benefits of a self-less attitude, so that we become motivated to practice the development of a self-less attitude. Then we must practice, practice, practice. This practice will become easier, more natural and quicker to adopt as it becomes the norm. At the earliest point possible our education systems should be adjusted so that our children are being developed into self-less individuals. We should also begin to focus our educational energies on identifying and developing their passions and talents.

Some people might not want to become self-less. An education system should be able to nurture a self-less mind in most children. Until then, those who wish to be selfish will be free to do so. We will attempt to transform their selfishness into selflessness through our example, by letting them see how our communities work so well, and how happy and fulfilling our lives are as self-less individuals. If they wish to continue to be selfish then, so long as they are not harmful to the community, they will be accommodated, and interaction with them will allow us to continue to practice and develop attributes of our self-less attitude, such as patience, compassion, and forgiveness. In other words, it will be the very presence of selfish individuals that will provide those who wish to become more self-less with the ideal opportunities to practice self-less attributes. Such an attitude will negate any resentment towards those who remain selfish.

If, however, selfish individuals are damaging to the community, and will not change, then they will be asked to leave the community to minimise harm. Other communities will then welcome them and provide them with a new opportunity to become self-less. This cycle will continue until the individual converts to a self-less path. Each community will welcome the opportunity to accommodate them and demonstrate true selflessness. Each successful adoption of a self-less attitude will be shared with other communities, so as to gain a better understanding of how a selfish mind can be accommodated and then transformed. Those who are transformed will be encouraged to travel and share their transformations so as to inspire others to adopt a self-less mindset.

In reading this you might be concerned that our selflessness will be taken advantage of. However, only a selfish mind can perceive itself as being taken advantage of. A self-less mind wants to help, it wants to be of service, it wants what it has to give to be used – it wants to be taken advantage of. However, there comes a point – a point that only we can discern – where our helping another only enables selfish elements within them, disempowers them, and makes them dependent. A self-less mind will recognise that our help no longer helps, but hinders, and at that point it will say no.

Why I had to reject your offer of friendship, Russell Brand



I appreciate your kind words… I certainly don’t feel that ‘the future of humanity rests upon my words of wit, verve, brilliance and heart’, but it’s nice to hear such kind sentiments. It also means a lot to hear that my blog here has inspired you so much – even reducing you to tears (of joy, I hope!) at certain times. It’s nice to be a bearer of great hope, and I can understand why you’d like for us to be friends. I don’t think it was strictly necessary to turn up at my parents house, but I recognise determination and persistence, and, not withstanding legal restraints, I think these traits are admirable. But, when push comes to shove, and when all is said and done, and when badgers fight owls, and when chocolate turns to arrows from a bow… you are the one who likes all my pretty songs, and you like to sing along, and you like to shoot your gun – I get that, I really do – but you know not what this means… you know not what this means… and, so, all I can I say is ‘yeahhhh’.

9/11 was NOT an inside job, dumb fuck


WTC floor plan… How do you fit an airport inside here?!

I don’t understand what is meant by this. The planes that crashed into the buildings clearly came from the outside of the buildings. Are there people who think that there was an airport inside of the world trade centre buildings where the planes took off from? Even if that was so, surely the fact that they went from inside to the outside negates it being an ‘inside job’… or at least makes it a bit of both.

Or are there conspiracy theorists who don’t believe that the planes hit from the outside but actually hit from the inside of the buildings, i.e. the planes took off from the airport inside the buildings and then crashed into the buildings from the inside? How would that work? And why did we see planes come from the outside?

I think from previous posts it is clear that I question things and I always support the questioning of authority, but I think sometimes within the conspiracy theorist field there is a distinct lack of critical thinking, logic, and just basic common sense. I don’t feel like they think things through, and are too quick to speak and speculate on things without truly understanding the subject at hand. It’s quite off-putting.

I’d rather be dead than work in an office

INFP hell realm

It’s not a suicidal thing. It’s not even remote gloomy. But, if the gods commanded that I must work in an office for the rest of my days, then I would absolutely rather just die now.

Life seems so utterly inexplicable, mysterious, and precious, and I just can’t see how or why i’d waste this incredible opportunity to be alive working in a fucking office… or warehouse or factory or retail outlet. And what for? To pay to live. To pay to fucking live. We can’t just have food. Oh no. You want to eat so that you can live? Get a fucking job, son.

It just makes no sense to me at all. And yeah, I know ‘everyone else has to work, so why shouldn’t you?’. Well, i’ll tell you. It’s because i’m not a fucking obedient moron. I can think, I can ask questions, I can most certainly question authority, and i’m too enraptured by the amazing possibilities of life to bother wasting a single breath of my existence processing fucking data.

What are you all, fucking nuts? Seriously. What is wrong with you? This is what you want? This stupid game of making as much money to buy as many products is the conclusion of your astonishing presence in the universe? You can’t think of anything better to do?

I’m sorry to be so obnoxious. The truth is, I have been pained and plagued with ‘get a job’ and this crushing conformity for my entire adult existence, and, in the words above, I detect a dollop of bitterness and resentment that continues to linger. I know that life is difficult, and I know that many share the same eyes, and I wish I had an answer that wasn’t just avoidant or escapism. I also have to admit that there are many who are more than satisfied to question nought and to just plod along enjoying what they can until game over. I suppose what i’m looking for is an answer for myself… a way through this life that doesn’t reduce my soul to a sultana… a way that maybe can be shared with others to save them too.

There are hints and clues to something bigger and more meaningful to life. I mean, why do we have certain passions? Why do we have certain talents? Why do certain things interest us as at certain times and not other things? Are these guiding tools? Are these clues to an underlying purpose and design to a grand game of life? If we follow this guidance will life unfold in waves and patterns of something beautiful and meaningful and unique to us? And if there is purpose and design behind our lives, then does this universe support our fulfilling such purposes? Are their mechanisms inbuilt into reality for supporting our material survival as we explore higher states of existence?

I don’t know. But whether there be truth there or not, it seems like something worth investigating. It seems like an experiment worth conducting. I’d rather experiment and fail than submit myself to the drudgery, that is for sure. I just cannot get over the sense that this culture that we experience cannot be all there is to life. I just cannot believe that the sum total of my existence is to shop. And if it is, then so much better to be dead. Truly.