Why (some) over 65’s shouldn’t vote / should die

According to the latest ICM poll 64% of over 65’s will vote Tory in the coming General Election.

It is absurd in the extreme that human beings, many of whom will be dead within 20 years, are allowed to have their personal selfish desires and (frequently) outdated and wrong ideas determine what kind of world the younger generations will inherit. These are the same older generations responsible for rampant environmental destruction, ongoing poverty and inequality, and numerous ongoing conflicts around the world that have killed and maimed countless fellow human beings. So, any notion that these older generations are somehow older and wiser is an utter nonsense (although, in fairness, it is quite smart to set up a system that allows you to live the good life for your whole life, only to die just before you experience the dire consequences of said system).

Actually, this is kinda pretty.

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The future of the country and the planet exists in the minds of the young. It is the role of the older generations to nurture the ideas and minds of the young, to help them to refine and understand their instincts and thoughts, and to contribute nuance and insight that is only gained through life experience and education. It is not the role of the older generations to determine what future the young will have through voting for their own personal wants and desires.

What we need now from the older generations is sacrifice. You’ve had your fun and you’ve fucked us over, but, before you go rot in red felt, why not put aside what is good for you (you can live and die without the holiday in the Cotswold, but we’ll let you keep the heating on… unless you’re already poor, of course, in which case, keep calm and carry on!) and use whatever useful attributes you have to help the young create a better world? The fact is that, the young cannot do this alone. Ideas and attitudes are not enough. The passion of the young for a better world is wonderful, but it must be reinforced and tempered by an understanding of just how complex and difficult the world is… this is not to rebuke their enthusiasm and knock them down, but to refine it into something potent, profound, and truly world changing.

Sacrifice is noble.

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The young are naïve, ill-informed, and, frequently, embarrassingly dumb (well, at least I was)… but they CARE, and that care is what the world needs so, so, so fucking badly. It is your job to help to turn that care into true compassion and meaningful, effective action. Because, otherwise, we really, really could be done for as a species. I know you’re nearly dead and all, but do you really want to merrily skip off this mortal coil leaving this world behind for your children? If, in this world, and, if, in this general election, you are voting for what is good for you (Vote Tory!), then so much better that you die than inflict your petty and selfish want for shinier things and comfier perches onto the shoulders of generations yet to even be born.

If, however, you are 65+ and you do care – and I know that there are many, including, of  course, Jeremy Corbyn – then don’t vote for your pension and your holiday budget, but, rather, for what is good for all. And, most importantly, vote for what is good for all those with their whole lives ahead of them. And, even more importantly, help the young. They / we (I’m 34 so I’m not sure I count.. it’s a weird age, I’m sure I’m old but I’m reassured that I’m not quite there yet) need what you have, and that is the appreciation of nuance that runs through every facet of life that, otherwise, can only be appreciated and understood by getting old. Educate us/ them!

‘Grandpa, please don’t fuck me in the proverbial ass’

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So, please, share! Help! But share to help refine their ideas, not to inflict your own, because – now soak this up good – the young do not care what you think. And do you know why? Because the young see the world afresh. The young are not conditioned and surrendered to the bullshit yet. And the young – inexperienced and naïve as they might be – know full well that the bullshit that is rampant is the bullshit of your making. So, share and be humble. Don’t even begin to pretend you’ve seen it all and you know best, because, one brief glimpse of the world as it is, is enough for all the young minds to explicitly know that you had no idea what the fuck you were doing, and no amount of old age, life experience and purported wisdom have done anything to save you or our planet from the looming disasters of your ignorance and your greed.

Apologies to all the over 65’s who are nice and voting Corbyn.

5 thoughts on “Why (some) over 65’s shouldn’t vote / should die

  1. I don’t agree. The older generation have a greater perspective and more experience. They’ve lived through the changes and seen the results of past decisions. Whereas many of the younger generation weren’t even born. You make the assumption that all older people will vote with selfish interests and outdated ideas. Who’s to say all the ‘new’ ideas are good? Who’s to say they’ll vote out of selfish desires?

    Elders should be naturally respected in human communities (in fact, in natural human tribes they are respected). They have lived through the different stages of life and have matured. Young people, say, below the age of 30, are probably more selfish, naive and less able to make mature, balanced and reasoned decisions.

    I don’t think it’s about determining the future. It’s about making rational decisions based on experience and wisdom. There is bound to be more wisdom and experience in the older generation.

    It’s like the EU Ref. Many younger people bemoan the result and believe that somehow their future has been destroyed. Yet, some of them I’ve spoken to sniff cocaine and binge drink at the weekends and spend most of their time glued to mobile phones. ‘If you care so much about your future, do you think this behaviour is wise?’ I ask them.

    So I’m glad the older generation stepped up to the plate in the EU ref. They have a greater perspective. They remember the original 1975 ref., and can see how it panned out and whether it lived up to the promises.

    Don’t get me wrong. Many older people are stuck in their ways and firmly rooted in the establishment. But young people, from what I see, are just as conventional, just as unquestioning.

    Your judgement of old people is actually very harsh and lacks compassion. Many older people lived through very hard times, times you can only imagine. My nan lived her first 6 years of life hiding in bomb shelters, living on rations. Compare that to your first years.

    Try a little more compassion and understanding. After all, isn’t that what you preach?


    1. No. I don’t preach anything. I share some view points to – hopefully – provoke discussion. The clue is in the name of the blog. I don’t know what I’m talking about, but if it makes people think, question, challenge me / themselves / society then it will serve a useful purpose.


  2. The photograph shown in your article depicts a dead old person. I’m if the firm belief that dead people are indeed excluded from voting. I, who have voted in every election since the age of 18 would chain myself to railings in order to keep that right. How dare you suggest that I should not. My democratic right to vote has been very hard won and I will NOT give it up.


  3. Good grief,the current generation are so bloody stupid and selfish, the world wouldn’t last two years. They have never had to survive by their wits or think for themselves so when they finally cause the next war,, they will grab their teddies and run for the hills wher they will wish their grannies were there to tell them what to do.

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