Snuggle Time With Hitler (Adolf, not my cousin Patrick)


You see, he’s not ALL bad!

We have this idea that there is real evil in the world… that there are some people who just are evil.  Someone like Hitler, for example.  And we might regard these people as revelling in evil… consumed by darkness… corrupted to their soul.  So, isn’t it strange that even the most evil want to be loved and cared about?

I mean, did Hitler want people to be nice to him?  Of course!  He wanted people to be considerate of him and generous towards him.  He wanted people to support him when he needed help.  He wanted people to encourage him when he had doubts.  And i’m sure there were even times when we was feeling a bit down in the dumps and just wanted a big old bear hug off a loved one.  Imagine that!  Hitler having a hug!  Isn’t that weird?

It’s curious how love transcends all.  Nice people want love, and nasty people want love.  Jesus wants love, and Hitler wants love.  It says something about the nature of evil…. what it is and why it is.  Is evil just a symptom of a lack of love?

Someone once that that the pain that we carry is the love that we withhold.  That was Alex.   I hope he reads this because I like Alex.  And I like that quote and I think it is true.  Hitler wanted to be loved, and maybe, just maybe, if he had been loved more than he might have loved more, and maybe he would not have been able to do what he did.

There are some people on this planet who commit truly horrific crimes – things that it easy to regard as evil, and easy to want to see punished.  But if evil is a symptom of a lack of love then might not the solution to evil then be love?  Might it not be that those who seem to be the least deserving of love are, in fact, those who are most deserving?