Some women deserve to be raped


No connection to the title

No, wait

No women deserve to be raped.

My mistake!

Of course no women deserve to be raped. Rape is a horrendous thing.

But, wait a second. How could it be a mistake? I mean, i’m writing, i’m not speaking. I can edit. But I wrote that title and wrote the content of this post which includes a reaction to the title, before publishing. That means that I make no sense. There’s no way that title could have been a mistake? What in God’s fuck is going on?

There must be an ulterior, deeply subconscious motivation at work. Oh my. Am I an attention whore? Am I sucking dicks on TV in the hope of 15 minutes of Heat? Do I think there’s a stint in the jungle out of this? This is terrible. If this is so, then everything here – all these words, all these posts – are baseless. I’m a hollowed out, vacuous piece of loser-ness… even worse, i’m raping myself. Is that so? Is that the truth of all of this? Did I just stick my dick up my own arse without my own consent?

I’m lost for words. Revelation is a personal thing, but I feel no shame in sharing this exploration of my psyche with my three subscribers. If my words can save just one life, then it will all be worth it. And if my other two subscribers kill themselves then I can rest in the knowledge that these words, these revelations, this insight, this brave and courageous honesty, this sense of duty, this vision, this passion, this work of the heart, this prescription from Christ, this direct communion with God, has allowed one of my precious flock to live to see another day. You know, sometimes, this work, it really humbles me. To know i’m doing good in the world… it’s what I wake up for every day. I really do feel blessed.