Tom Watson is trying to intimidate us, say anti-war protesters


‘Reprehensible’ indeed

Labour MPs including Stella Creasy, whose office was targeted in Tuesday’s demonstration, as well as Diana Johnson and Liz Kendall, hit out this week at abuse and threats of deselection over the vote on airstrikes in Syria. Watson told the Today programme: “To use an issue of such importance to try to divide the Labour party is reprehensible. I have seen those TV images of what went on in Stella Creasy’s constituency and I can only say if there were Labour party members on that demonstration, intimidating staff members of an MP like that, then I think they should be removed from the party. It’s simply unacceptable that people conduct themselves in that way.”

Fuck me, fucked is fucked right now, and, with the way i’m feeling, i’m probably not even going to write thank you letters this Christmas.

Because, you see, on planet fucked to the power of fucked, apparently, the abuse of those poor little elected politicians is unacceptable, appalling, whatever, whatever… BUT it’s perfectly reasonable to drop bombs on innocent human beings and blow them to pieces. Because that’s not abusive at all.

I don’t get it. I sincerely hope that if my moral high horse is ever kneecapped and i’m melting children with ray guns that there will be some compassionate folk out there willing to step to me with an ‘Oi, cunt face, sort your shit out, you kiddie killing twat-moose’.

Having said that, Larry and Jerry, I would like to be a hero and kill children.