The £100 Smoothie


I actually own a Blendtec. Granted, I don’t blend phones. But I have been known to blend fruits and vegetables.

This is £100 taken from a Capital One credit card. It’s part of £1500 that i’m taking from credit cards, donating to those in need, and then refusing to pay the banks back as an act of civil disobedience to protest austerity and, well, the general greed and corruption of the government and the banks and whoever else. Anyway, this is me blending £100. First of all, I KNOW, there are people who are hungry and for who a £100 could go a long way. I’m on benefits. A £100 would help me too. I get it. But here is the thing… human beings are not going hungry because they don’t have money – they are going hungry because they don’t have FOOD. Think about that. We share a planet with another 8.7 million species, and not a single one of them requires an intermediary such as money to eat. 8.7 million other species have direct access to their food. We, however, have to get the money to get the food. Why is that? If something is good for 8.7 million other species, could it not be good for us too? But then again having that intermediary is awfully good for those who want control… for those who want power and for those who want the real good stuff in life, and lots of it. This act is a rejection of money. It is a statement against the current order of things. It is liberation. 8.7 million other species have proven for, hmm, BILLIONS OF YEARS that you do not need money to survive, evolve or thrive. And, yeah, I know, it’s hard to imagine it being any other way, but then that’s because this is all we have known. And, yeah, money did not come into existence as a way to control… it had practical purposes. I understand that. The point is, irrespective of its origins and original intentions, it is now being used to control us, to manipulate us, to keep us in a perpetual state of survival, desperation, anxiety, fear and worry, all of which is very convenient and helpful given that all that anxiety and worry and desperation keeps us focused on our own desperate survival and not the corruption and greed of those very, very, VERY rich elite. We do not need money, and we certainly do not need it in its current form and function. I’m not sure what laws there are on blending the Queen’s head, but, here it is, £100 blended.

You know, sometimes I write things, and I get the sense that I am really asking for trouble. So, everything here that is potential trouble is ‘creative writing’. And anything that terror laws can’t be mutated to envelope me within is sincere.