How to bring down the banks and end world poverty in ONE move!


I’m so fucking Gandhi right now

Talking about changing the world isn’t going to change the world… well, everything changes the world, but I mean in a deliberate, significant and positive manner. We have to take action or this is just another fucking voice, another opinion, someone else with something to say, and that idea makes me want to vomit up my soul. We want to change the world, and that requires our being educated and informed, and it also requires us taking some risks, stepping to, and learning from experience.

Now, action needs to serve a purpose and it really should be designed and acted upon to be effective. If there is one thing that makes me go ‘well, that’s gay’ then it’s seeing activists taking redundant action, such as, The People’s Assembly in Manchester encouraging people to wear red in protest at government austerity programs. In the revised contemporary non-prejudiced usage of the word, that really is gay. I mean, what exactly are they hoping to achieve? It’s gay. Just 1 litre (well, 900ml now) of pure, never from concentrate, gay-ness… with bits… gay bits.

If we want to force the government to end its austerity programs then we have to cause them legitimate problems that cannot be solved without our compliance. That is how we gain leverage, that is how we take our power back, and that is how we are going to change the world. On the flip-side, however, ‘that’ is also how we will end up being ‘extremists’ and, coming soon to a tyranny near you’ terrorists. But that’s okay! Gandhi was a terrorist, Martin Luther King was a terrorist, Nelson Mandela was a terrorist… it comes with the territory.

The letters below explain everything you need to know. There is little power in me doing this alone, however, imagine one day hundreds of us… thousands of us… millions of us, all doing the same… that is raw human power enough to quake the collective boots of every rascal minded government across the world.


Dear Barclays,

I have a bank account with you that I owe about £1700 on. The card number is 4***********.

I am writing to let you know that I refuse to pay back the money that I owe you. The reason being that I simply want to make a stand against you. I want to fight back against what you and other banks have done to the people of this country and the people of the world, and I hope that in making a stand that I can inspire others to also make a stand, i.e. to also refuse to pay back their debts to you.

Why? Because if we want a better world then we need people like you to change, and the only way you are going to change is if we give you good reason to, and that generally means that we need to cause problems for you, since you seem to lack any sort of meaningful social conscience that can be appealed to.

All of this is going to be documented online… my correspondence to you, and your correspondence to me, and I hope that what I am doing is shared far and wide, and maybe one day hundreds, thousands, maybe millions will do as I have done and simply refuse to pay back their overdrafts, loans, credit cards etc. Imagine that?

I’m curious to see what you will do about this. A lot of people live in a lot of fear, trapped by their financial circumstances. It is a terrible situation, very constricting, very desperate, but, as far as I can tell, all unnecessary. I mean, we have all the power… all of it. Just imagine if everyone did what I am doing… Game over. You lose. We can beat you with ease, and the only thing that stops us is fear. I just want to show that there is nothing to fear, and that even if there are unsavoury consequences from this for me, it will be worth it just to make that stand in the hope that maybe, just maybe, people will be inspired to join me.

You need to take action against me. This letter will be published online, and all action (or in-action ) on your behalf will be documented and made public. People are going to be watching to see what you do. If you do little or nothing then you will encourage others to join in, and I don’t think you can afford to be seen as allowing this kind of behaviour. You need to make an example out of me, because I will take this further, and, if this gets attention and support then I will organise mass action. So, please, do your worst. I am very irresponsible and I need to learn the consequences of my actions.

Kind regards,


The thing is with action like this, if I just do it by myself then, for sure, I can get into trouble, and if that is the case then so be it. And, yeah, if only ten of us do this or a hundred of us do this then we can all get in some trouble too. BUT, when thousands start doing this – tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, then it’s a different story altogether, because what action can Barclays take against, say, a hundred thousand people? What can the government do if a million of us all do the same? I’ll tell you what they can do, they can start listening to us… and that is exactly what this sort of action is about. It’s about forcing them to listen to us and to act on our wishes.

We have immense safety in numbers, but what we need is the first few brave souls to start building up the numbers. If we can get, say, a thousand courageous souls to do this then it makes it much easier for others to join in, and once we start getting tens of thousands then it’s easy, and that’s when the millions begin to step up… and, believe me, there are millions. There are so, so many people sick of the way things are, and who are desperate for change, but it is utterly and totally and forever in our hands. If we don’t step up and starting acting in meaningful ways then there is no reason for the government or for the banks or the corporations to take any notice whatsoever.