David Cameron: it is Britain’s duty to attack Isis in Syria


Here we have a classic example of post western intervention architecture

David Cameron has told Britain it has a moral and military duty to attack Islamic State in Syria, saying the move will enhance and not hinder a fledgling diplomatic process. Opening a near 11-hour debate that is likely to end with a majority to extend the British air campaign from Iraq to Syria, the prime minister admitted his case was difficult and complex but said Britain must decide whether to take on the “evil” of Isis in its Syrian heartlands or “wait for them to attack us”.

All I want for christmas is for these fucking war-mongers to have bombs dropped on their homes. Splat attack the kids, partners, parents, pets, and plaques.

Not because I want them to suffer, or because I want violence in any shape or form in this world, but because I think it might be the only way for certain individuals to understand that there is no political situation that is worth killing innocent human beings for.

How do I know this? Because there is no political situation where they would feel it was acceptable for them and their loved ones to be blown to pieces.