Don’t Do Your Bit…


Unfortunately, cheese gives me catarrh

… do your lot.

It is common to hear people respond to world issues with ‘well, I do my bit… I give to my charities’ etc.  This is good, and should not be discounted, but, sadly, we live on a planet where each of us doing ‘our bit’ is nowhere near enough.  This world demands so much more from us.  We need to be doing the most that we can with what we have, and, when we have done everything that we can, if suffering still exists, then we must do more.  We must hold deep within our hearts the simple, all encompassing desire to be of the highest service to this world.  That is what this world demands.

It is common to hear people say that we live in a beautiful world.  A world dominated by good, not bad… and, yeah, that is true, but only to the degree that having 364 days of family picnics under blue skies is quantitatively better than that one day when your child is kidnapped, raped and murdered, or you are horribly burnt in a brutal car crash, or any other horror from the vast collection of suffering available on this planet that can tap us – anyone of us – on the shoulder at any time.

The world can be a savage place, there is immense suffering and deprivation, and just because we don’t see it and experience it most days, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there, and it doesn’t mean that it won’t happen to us.  We cannot afford to hang around in this world with the attitude that things aren’t too bad, or that, just so long as we do our bit, then we are good people.  Our situation is so far beyond that.  The issues on this planet are our responsibility – we are collectively invested in this, and no-one gets out without being stained by what we are allowing.