Fuck the Jews!


Larry shocked to witness my *ahem* ‘anti-semitism’

Some dude at the Sunday Times newspaper has just been sacked for writing an ‘anti-semetic’ article. The anti-semetic part was his observation that two of the best paid women at the BBC are Jews because Jewish people don’t undersell themselves. And, for that observation, he was sacked. Now, I don’t know dick about Jewish people. I know about the holocaust, and something to do with them stitching up Jesus (???). I know also that in some conspiracy theory circles they get a raw deal for whatever it is they are meant to be doing… making more money, I guess, which, on this ridiculous planet, I suppose could rile others up no end.

The thing is, I don’t give a shit. I have nothing against anyone. I even think Osama Bin Laden had kind eyes, and that George W. Bush was strangely endearing. For me, all human beings are united in a shared desire to be happy, and that much of our torrid mess throughout history is our ignorance about how to be happy and how to minimise suffering in life. I meet a human being and I see a human being with the desire to be happy, and, so, I universally treat them well. I don’t care if you are Jewish, Muslim, or Tony Blair, I just want to be kind to you. However, what I cannot tolerate is this insistence on shutting down discussion of any kind.

Now, I understand that the Jewish people are likely very, very sensitive to their history and this sticky position they seem to always find themselves in. I understand that they have a vital imperative to ensure that history does not repeat on them. But, but, BUT… you do not achieve that by going around behaving like fucking dickheads! Really! What kind of sentiment do you think you inspire in people when the moment they open their mouths to even observe something (that might even be true, for fuck sake!) you scream ‘anti-semite’ at them and have them sacked?! And I say ‘have them sacked’ because such outcomes do not come about easily or lightly, so there is some influence there, and I’m guessing that the forces defending the Jewish people are predominantly Jewish..

I just don’t see how can this lead to anything good.

You know, the formula for any human being or group being accepted and loved is not complex or hard. The Jewish people are no different to any other human beings. Jewish people have the same wish for happiness, the same will and capacity for goodness, and, I’m sure, the same resulting goodness that stems from any human being with compassion and kindness in their hearts, irrespective of religions and belief systems. But all I ever fucking read and hear about Jews is shit! I’m not worldly or too up to date on topical news, but whenever I read or hear something about Jewish people, it’s generally not good things! And this is patently absurd because you’re human beings and by default you do good, and it’s also utterly self-defeating given your actions are apparently motivated by self preservation.

I don’t know who it is out there wielding this dick head stick, but even with the most basic understanding of human psychology it must be obvious that behaving in ways that are likely to lead to people being pissed off with you is not the smartest approach to security in this world. There are crazy, crazy people on this planet. People will fuck you up. And, my God, the Jewish people more than anyone know this. I can’t see how this can lead anywhere good. You might be able to shut people up and shut them down, but you can’t control what they think and they feel, and these feelings will always bubble up in the end. Look at Trump and the wave of discontent he rode all the way to the presidency. No-one saw that coming. But if you piss people off long enough and hard enough then at some point it spills over, and this world just does not need any more violence.

No-one is above taking responsibility for their lives and their actions, and no-one is without blame. If people hate Jews – and it seems that many do – then this isn’t because of some inbuilt prejudice, but a reaction to certain causes. And, for sure, it would be nice to live in a world where we could all do as we wish and everyone still be nice to us, but this is not how things work! If people are pissed off at the Jewish people then I can guarantee there are reasons, and maybe even good reasons… reasons based on some kind of truth about a situation that people are perceiving fairly, not simply because of blind, foaming prejudice. No-one with any degree of intellectual capacity or honesty can deny this. The whole thing is just so fucking dumb.

Man, we all need to grow the fuck up.

(This article isn’t anti-semetic, btw, because I watch Curb Your Enthusiasm)