Giving the victory + ‘ice cream’ recipe


Healthy living is healthy

What’s that you’re having?

It’s like an ice cream. 

What, for breakfast? 

Well, it’s a raw vegan ice cream. 

Still ice cream. 

Well, not really, it’s just what we call it. 

So, it is ice cream. 

No, no, there’s not even any cream in it, same ingredients as a smoothie but with frozen bananas which makes it a bit like an ice cream. 

It sounds like you have ice cream for breakfast, which can’t be good for you. 

I think you’re misunderstanding. 

Well, i’m just saying, I mean, you’re always saying about how important it is to be healthy and i’m just pointing out that having ice cream for breakfast can’t be healthy, that’s all. 

Yeah, you’re right, maybe I should rethink it.


This (in bold) is giving the victory. You know that you are right and that they are wrong, but you recognise that in such an incidental matter it doesn’t matter to be right, so out of a kind wish to avoid a dispute and ill feeling we let them ‘win’. Kindness is a truth that is as valuable as factual truth. If your wife asks if she looks good in her new dress then we most likely says ‘Yes, you look wonderful’ even if we don’t actually think that she does. Why? Because in that situation kindness has more value than honesty. Of course, if your wife looks horrendous then you might be honest to save her embarrassment, but again, this is born of kindness.


Recipe for ‘Ice-Cream’

A very good blender.

500ml Pineapple juice

10 dates

50g desiccated coconut

6 frozen bananas

Put the ingredients in your very good blender, and I mean, very good blender (Blendtec, Vitamix etc.) otherwise you are likely to burn the engine out, then blend until smooth consistency. Then scoop out. Then go to where you keep your cutlery and select a spoon. Remember, the smaller the spoon the longer it lasts. Then put the spoon into the ‘ice cream’ with the scooped side facing upwards. This is important as it allows the spoon to function effectively. Once you have a spoonful of the ‘ice cream’ raise the spoon to your (opened) mouth and put the spoon into your mouth depositing the ‘ice cream’. From here your years of experience of eating should allow you to know what to do. If not you can find more extensive instructions with illustrations in an online manual that we have developed that is available at our website for £9.99. This recipe probably feeds a lot of normal people, but I have it all to myself.