Hillary Clinton Is A Threat To All Of Humanity



Hillary Rodham Clinton is a Wall Street-backed warmonger whose potential election as President of the United States this November poses an existential threat not just to Americans but to all of humanity. As First Lady and then as Senator, she actively supported the US’ illegal wars of aggression abroad.

I don’t mind. Maybe she will be as bad as some fear, but, maybe, also, in turn her dastardly doings will inspire people to stand up and get more chips… I mean, make changes. Okay, so it will probably be more chips, but who knows? I mean, some people are even asking questions about stuff etc. nowadays. So…

It’s a curious position that human beings hold, whereby, the best thing is to quickly descend into drinking five bottles of vodka a day than consistently drink one bottle a day for a long period. For whatever reasons we seem to need the pain to make us aware, to make us question, to activate learning and growth. In other words, maybe we need this. I for one do not wish to trundle along in this world as it stands. I’d rather hit rock bottom and have humanity discover its true nature and potential than keep wading through these adverts and Netflix.

So, if Hilary can add a bottle or two to our plight then so be it. Let’s get fucked. Let’s pull ourselves to pieces, come unstitched at the seams. Our current stench isn’t worth preserving or masking. Let’s do or die. Let’s sink so low that all our hearts and efforts can do is to desperately piece together a better world.

But, whatever happens, this is not on Hilary or even Trump or any one of us. This planet and our species is a collective responsibility, and the foundations laid for the horrors rippling around the world and all the potential ghastly’s to come sit firmly in the hands of us and our very willing apathy and ignore and Pokemon Go nonsense.

This is our doing. We’ve engaged with the bullshit, we’ve shrugged our shoulders to the bullshit, we’ve voted X-Factor through the bullshit. This is on us. All of us. Hilary is not the problem, just as Bernie is not the solution. We are the problem, just as we are and can be and, maybe, one day, will be the solution.