How to change the world


Changing the world is not a problem. The world does nothing but change. We have changed it a trillion times over, and will continue to whether we try to, want to, believe we can do, or not. There are seven billion minds on this planet, and, between us, we can create whatever world we wish… a world that benefits everyone, not just a few. We can do that.

There are no easy solutions and no quick-fix answers, and nor should we seek them, such a work will define an era. There are steps that can be taken, some small and some big, and we must take them. And, with time and dedication, great progress can, and will, be made.

The steps needed will require immense courage and notable sacrifice. We will need to make a stand for what is right and good, and for the future of humanity. The stakes are high and our commitment must be absolute.

This is not a time for avoidance and apathy. There can be no more looking the other way. Civil disobedience and other forms of non-violent resistance are necessary tools that will be utilised. Get used to that idea.

We need to grow and change. As individuals we must become the living examples of a better world. Our example is our advert. If we want a better world, then we must show people what it looks like with our own lives, and then they will follow, naturally and urgently, for they will like what they see and want it too.

Our own personal development is vital for employing effective civil disobedience campaigns. We must be resolute in our commitment to non-violence, practicing it day in and day out in our own lives. This will require dedicated training and a deep understanding of the moral and strategic importance of peaceful action.

We will guide, we will inspire, we will walk our talk, and we will help others be of help. We will lead the way… our way – just one way. Should you others us is their choice. Our aim must be to make that choice easy and inevitable.

We will be uncompromising, fearless and honest. Our world situation demands that.  We will speak the hardest truths and face the most brutal realities.  We have no room and make no allowances for avoidance, ignorance or apathy.  We will question and challenge power and authority, but, most importantly, so we will question and challenge ourselves.

We will be alert to the fire, but we cannot ask the fire to not burn. Instead, we must become become the water that extinguishes.  As Albert Einstein stated: The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.

In asking questions, sharing perspectives, offering ideas and solutions, we must not pretend that we have all the answers or that we will always be right, and as such we must welcome the most fierce criticism and questioning of ourselves. A dedicated and vocal opposition is integral to the development of a good idea.

Challenges allow us to better understand our thinking, to identify weakness and fault, to appreciate nuances and subtleties, and to discover new answers and better solutions. However, valid opposition can be easily lost and overlooked amongst insults, so for the benefit of all, please we must be respectful. Our desire to create a better world is sincere, and opposition is vital to our achieving that.

In the same spirit, no-one should read this and blindly believe or follow anything. Question everything, run it through your own reasoning and experience, take what you find to be true and useful, and put aside that which you don’t. Be responsible for your own thoughts, your own words, and your own actions. Trust yourself. Believe in yourself. Be accountable to yourself. You are your own government. Do not take that lightly.

This is a starting point. There is nothing definitive or comprehensive here. We want to provoke thought and discussion, and we want your help in developing these ideas, both supporters and opponents alike. If an idea is a bad one then pull it apart and explain to us why; and, if it is a good one, well, make it better!

It is vital that we engage and participate. The world is as it is because we have allowed it and we have supported it. We all share this responsibility, and we all have a hand in fixing it. If change is to occur then it can only occur with your participation.

It is very easy to talk about revolutions, and very easy to march and to wear masks and to talk the loud and angry talk, but we live in societies with a deep history of hard-won democracy… we simply cannot, and will not, over-throw the corrupt and end injustices without a very intelligent, sophisticated, mature and peaceful philosophy and plan of action.

We are a long way from where we wish to be, but we can shorten that gap drastically with intelligence and dedication. A true revolutionary revolutionises their own lives first. Putting on a mask once in a while to scream and shout and then going back to xBox is not the nature or the actions of a true revolutionary.

If you care so much then give your life to the cause, get yourself in the best physical, mental, emotional and spiritual shape possible, and arm yourself with the knowledge and the skills that you will need to make an impact. This is what is needed.

We know we have support, we know that we have truth and love on our side, what we now need is to step back, reflect, and begin to design and build a movement that cannot and will not be stopped.

It is time we grow up.