Number of female billionaires increases sevenfold in 20 years


Boring, lame, a waste

The number of female billionaires worldwide has increased nearly sevenfold in the past 20 years to 145 – and it is Asian entrepreneurs who are driving this growth, according to a study. The report found that women have outpaced men when it comes to membership of the billionaires’ club, with their ranks and wealth growing at faster rates. The number compares with only 22 in 1995.

This is the saddest thing of all. Nothing to celebrate here. Nothing has been achieved, just the rape of the female soul to add to the waste mountain of sultana souled males.

I expect men to be heartless monsters. We are rapists, pillagers, thieves, torturers, murderers, oppressors… and even when we’re not doing it, we are allowing it, legitimising it, rationalising it, excusing it. No man on this planet is excused. But to hear of women so disconnected from their truly beautiful nature is desperate.

Women aspiring to what men achieve is insane. There is nothing good, clever or noble in acquiring vast wealth whilst others starve. You have not succeeded. You have raped yourself.

We need a world where women embrace their incredible selves and lead us men out of these hell realms we device for us all. No natural women could be a billionaire. Only one corrupted by a male dominated world.

If the conclusion of generations of feminism is women aspiring to be like men then we can safely acknowledge that the men have won a flawless victory.