Shiny Happy ISIS Fighter


Nice guy, shame about the beheadings

I could get along with this guy. Nice smile, warm eyes… I don’t see anything evil here, or even anything aggressive or mean-spirited, he just looks like a nice guy. And yet he contributed to the murder of ninety innocent people in the Bataclan attacks in Paris. And that is the scariest part. Not just of ISIS, but of humanity.

When our troops come home we celebrate them as our heroes… as the best of us, not just good guys, but the good guys. Yet, some of them will have blown up children. They’ll have burnt to death kindly grandparents like our own. They’ll have destroyed hospitals, food stores, homes etc. Our ‘good guys’ will have committed some of the most atrocious acts any human being could ever do, but we don’t see evil, we see goodness.

Members of ISIS will love their kids, hug their parents, do favours for mates, sit around and have a joke and laugh because – for them – they are good guys, and their killings in Paris were as just and noble and heroic as anything our troops ever do. And, of course, from our end we make distinctions which makes them bad and us good, but so too from their end.

The sadness of all of this is that, for the vast most part, human beings are good and want to get along. I know people say that ISIS are motivated otherwise, but if that was so then where were they with all the beheadings and such for the last 500 years? Why now? It’s insane (but convenient) to pretend that our killing them has nothing to do with why they want to kill us, but it is a childish lie presented by leaders and forces with ulterior motives.

The only way forwards for humanity is to give us all back our humanity. To reduce any human being to the status of ‘evil’ is not only not true, but it is regressive and breeds further conflict. Everyone has a reason for who they are and what they do. Everyone can be understood if time is taken. And anyone can be connected with and their hearts changed if we are wise enough and sincere enough to wish to. Yes even ISIS. They are not evil. They are human beings doing horrendous things… just like our own troops.