Vote Tory!


A vote for Tory is a vote for evolution

Vote Tory’ Campaign Objectives

This campaign aims to force the UK government to abandon its unnecessary and harmful austerity programs. To force the government to abandon its austerity programs we need to reduce their power and increase the power of the people. That is what this campaign is designed to do.

Some Background

It is clear to many that humanity needs to change… environmentally, politically, socially, spiritually,  and, most importantly, personally. It is also clear to many that our governments are not willing or capable of providing the needed change. If meaningful change is to occur then it will come through the people rising up and making it happen for themselves.

Ever since the financial collapse of 2008 and the ensuing government austerity programs, we have seen more and more people begin to questions how things are and imagine how things could be. There are so many ideas and solutions and alternatives to our current situation that change is now not only demanded, but it is possible… inevitable.

Sometimes we need to experience pain in order to change and grow. Just as a diagnosis of cancer can be at once devastating and life-affirming and life transforming, the austerity programs of the Conservative government have at once harmed us, provoked us, and inspired us to change and to grow. This is a good thing. Just as some transformed cancer patients become grateful to their illness, we too, in time, will be grateful to this Conservative government and their austerity programs for forcing us to re-evaluate our lives, our society, and our future, whilst inspiring us to seek out and develop better ways.

With such a growing momentum, the worst thing that could happen now would be to lose that provocation. For our own ultimate good, we need to embrace our short-term suffering to ensure that the changes that are needed are made for the benefit of our own future and that of the endless generations to come.

Keep Your Friends Close, Keep Your Tories Closer

The aim of this campaign is a landslide Conservative victory. We want to encourage as many of the UK population to vote for the Conservative government in the coming general election as possible – not because they have been so good, but because they have been so bad, so harmful, so corrupt, so greedy, that we, the people, have had no choice but to fight back, and to keep that fight alive, and to bring the changes needed, we need to keep our enemy, the Tories, in our sights. That means re-electing them.

Strategic Analysis

If we do this and we succeed with our aim, then:

  • The Conservative government will be humiliated and powerless.
  • We, the people, will have the power to force the government to abandon its austerity programs.


  • It will be one of the most significant moments in the history of western democracy.

If we do this but do not succeed with our aim, then:

  • We will still have captured the publics imagination, mobilised some people, and given hope and inspiration to many people.
  • We will still have inspired activists around the world to take bolder, brave and more imaginative action.
  • We will still have sent a strong message to the government that we are willing and capable of designing and implementing powerful actions.
  • We will still have exposure and a platform from which to build new campaigns.


  • No-one can know why someone voted. The presence of this campaign alone will cast a doubt upon every Conservative vote. Even if they are not re-elected by landslide, it will still be speculated that the only reason they got voted in was because of this campaign. Thus undermining them regardless of how successful this campaign is.

If we do not do this then:

  • The Conservatives might win anyway and they will have legitimate power to continue with their austerity programs.
  • Labour might win but nothing meaningful will change (you know this), including austerity programs that they have already stated will be kept in place.


  • No-one has been inspired, no-one has been mobilised, no-one has been given renewed hope, no platform has been built, no message to the government has been sent.


I hope that it is now evident that, as ambitious and unlikely as this campaign might appear right now, there are so many benefits to just giving it a go that, whether we succeed or not, it can be of vast importance on many levels.

The question of success comes down to two questions:

  1. How can we get this idea to enough people?
  2. How can we then get enough people to vote for the Conservatives?

If you would like to work with us and feel that you can help us with either of these questions then please email us at