Stupid Gluey Mouse


Can’t help but laugh

Hahaha! Look at this stupid little mouse stuck to a fucking glue trap! What a dumb-ass! OMG, you can almost see it desperately trying to drag it’s stupid little stuck body off the trap… No way, Jose, no way! You’re stuck like a dumb-fuck! Going nowhere, son, going NOWHERE. I love this sort of thing. Apparently, some of these little twats even chew their own fucking legs off just to try and escape! Hahaha! I wish I had a photo of that. Imagine if you went to inspect the trap and all you found was a little chewed off mouse leg and a trail of dragged leg blood leading to a little cartoon hole in your wall. Score draw, I say! Fair play to the mouse. I’m not sure i’d chew my own leg off just to survive. Ewww. Here’s a little tip: Next time you incarnate into this realm, maybe consider not being a stupid little pointless twat faced MOUSE, cos, well, we don’t like you, and, unfortunately for you, we’re top dog around here.