Supreme Court admits British troops committed ‘mass murder’


Fingers crossed we killed him in cold blood as he screamed for his mother

Relatives of ‘innocent’ Malayans slain by British troops in 1948 have lost their fight for an inquiry, but their lawyer says the UK courts have conceded ‘mass murder’ occurred.

Sorry, I don’t buy this bullshit.

If our troops had to kill you in the head and make your brains go splat then, fuck you, it was for a damn good reason, and that reason is… YOU ARE BAD.

Bad, and dead.

And, personally speaking, I am offended by any suggestion that our boys – no, scratch that, our heroes – could do wrong.

Fuck you, fuck your wrong skin colour, and quit trying to come to our fucking country for our superior roads and spectacular countryside. It’s ours.

Go home to stupid-land and be a dick there.