We Are All To Blame For Peadophiles

A huge problem in our culture is that the ways we react to problems only make the problems worse.  For example, pedophiles.  We know that pedophiles exist and we all want to do something about it.  But the degree of hysteria and hatred that has been stoked towards pedophiles has pretty much made it impossible for someone with pedophile instincts to come forward and get help.  Imagine that you found yourself with a sexual attraction to children – you are horrified by it, you don’t want to have that attraction, you’ve not acted on it, but it is there.

Now, who is going to feel comfortable seeking help in this culture?  Pedophiles have been turned into the monster of our society – the worst of the worst, and I honestly think most people would be a murdering terrorist than a pedophile (if you had to choose).  It’s that bad.  Think about it.  If you were going to end up on the front page of a newspaper, would you rather it be for chopping someones head off, or for being found with child pornography on your computer?  Pedophiles are fucked!  And because we make it so difficult for them to come forward and get help, those feelings end up being suppressed and warped and mutated until they are taken further – even acted on.

So our response to this issue has made it worse.  We can’t shame and terrify and lynch pedophiles out of pedophilia.  We know that because we have shamed and terrified and lynched pedophiles but pedophiles still exist.  So, we have to think about this.  If we truly want to solve the pedophile problem – and I think we all really, really do want to, then we need to find a solution that works.  And as far as I can see, that means making those with pedophile tendencies feel comfortable to seek help.  Whether that is with their GP, or a special helpline, or whatever.  It needs to be nipped in the bud before it can mutate into something so, so, so much worse.  Emotions tend to run high around these subjects, but when those emotions make the problem worse, then we really need to calm down and approach such issues with a clear head and a clear plan as to how we can truly solve it.