This God Thing


God is gay

I have NO idea what this God thing is all about. My Granddad says that it passes all understanding. I think he got that from the Bible. I like that. It’s very relieving. I know that something… some force or energy or intelligence, has worked miracles in my life, of that I have no doubt. What that thing is, I do not know.

I trust enough in all the great spiritual teachers and seekers from through the ages to believe that there is something… some kind of creative force from which this universe and our lives has arisen. Call it God, the Tao, Allah, Great Spirit, Higher Power, or whatever. I don’t think it matters. But I do believe that there is something beyond our comprehension that is personal, that knows us, and that we can choose to have work miracles in our lives.

My problem – and, it seems, a problem for many atheists – is the absolute nonsense and, let’s be honest, evil that has been perpetuated in the name of this something… this God thing. All I know is that, from the moment I invited this God thing into my life to cure me of my misery, it has not harmed a single atom of me, not for a moment, regardless of how poorly and foolishly I have behaved.

So, maybe this God thing actually loves me no matter what. Maybe this God thing won’t send me to an eternal, torturous hell for not being a good boy and doing what i’m told / commanded. Maybe i’m not a satan-ridden sinner. Maybe this God thing has not, will not, and never will – or even could – be angry with me. Because, maybe, just maybe, this God thing is not an arsehole.

You know, if our children did something wrong, would we send them to a place where they would be brutally tortured as a punishment? If our children went against our will and disobeyed our wishes, would we want them to burn alive for an eternity to show them the error of their ways? Of course not! Why? Because that is how you end up on the front pages under the headline ‘MONSTER’… this is not love.

Even we as finite human beings recognise the difference between what is love and what is psychotic. But this is what we are told an infinitely loving God will do to us. It makes no sense. And, I suspect, that it makes no sense because it is a LIE… a lie told by those with power and vested interests to keep us, the pitiful masses, living in fear and division, so that we can be controlled and exploited for their gain. Jesus said ‘sell everything… and follow me’. I suggest the Vatican and it’s gold does the same.

So, let’s not disregard the possible reality of this God thing because of the poisonous deceit and manipulation of they who know who they are. Maybe the only church we need in is our own hearts. Maybe the only priest we need listen to is our own conscious awakened mind. Maybe this God thing is within each and every one of us – a integral part of who we truly are, just waiting – with no middleman needed – for us to remember again.