This is a war


So are you in?

I must remember what is at stake here. I must remember who and what stands before me. I must keep in mind the vast extents of suffering and cruelty that lay waste to a planet and a people. I cannot shirk in my responsibility – and my crushing desire – to meet their torrid flames with my own tsunami.

I have to question and confront everything. I have to go too far. I have to leap past the line, wrecking ball on high. To expose the false heart of this world. Any people, any government, any society, any species that allows 22,000 of its own children to die in poverty every day has no merit and no basis for talk of what is right and wrong. So fuck you all already.

I suspect that those who do speak of right and wrong have little interest in upholding goodness, and more interest in maintaining their own position. I have no respect for this society. Zero regard for convention or authority. Not one atom of me will be told what to do by those whose lives are dedicated to the manipulation, exploitation and harm of fellow human beings for their own dubious personal benefit.

You have drawn your line in the sand. Your position has become clear to all but the dullest. I see you, and we see you now. We are the new extremists… the new terrorists. Cheery and loving, but terror to your woes. It was always so when truth was spoken and the people stood up to injustice and tyranny. But as has been said…

‘All through history, there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they seem invincible. But in the end, they always fall. Always.”

You would be wise to keep that in mind as you go about your business. The cracks are widening, the facades are dropping, the shadows are exposed, and you are being seen for what you are. The greedy, the corrupted, the deceitful, the false.

Many are fooled. Many are blinded. Many are too desperate and horrified to acknowledge what is so explicitly apparent to so many now. But your actions expose you. I don’t care what you say. I don’t care how you present yourself. I care about what you do, because there lies the truth, and always will. You are the dropper of bombs for profit, the destroyer of a planet for profit, the enslaver of people for profit, the killer of children for profit, the impoverisher of the poor for profit.

This is a war, a war that you have declared upon us. And in our innocence and our goodness we have not believed that it could be so… that our fellow human beings could be so cruel, so detached from our shared humanity.

This is a war, a war unasked for, but a war we all live within.

This is a war, but we do not want to beat you, we want to soften you, covert you, return you to your true humanity. And we will win. You are throwing handfuls of dark at the sun. You cannot win.