Jeremy Corbyn: the lesser of two evils?


217 down, 134 to go

To those that believe that we should vote irrespective of who the candidates are… tell me, if you had to choose to vote for one of either Adolf Hitler, Jozef Stalin, or Mao Zedong, who would you vote for?

Do keep in mind the following:

  • Adolf Hitler was responsible for 17 million deaths.
  • Jozef Stalin was responsible for 23 million deaths.
  • Mao Zedong was responsible for 49-78 million deaths.
My Gran always used to say that he had kind ears

Golly grief. Hitler isn’t even that bad! Only 17 million deaths! He’s positively cuddly bear amongst this pack. I thought Hitler was The Biggest Baddest Wolf Of All, not tossing a Frisbee in the park. In this light I almost feel a fondness. He’s definitely got my vote. And don’t say bodycount doesn’t matter… bodycount matters (just ask Arnie and Stallone), and old Adolf is 6 million in credit. That means he can wipe out the Netherlands and still be the front-runner! That’s a strong position. Couple this with a more genial and casual attire, a photo-shoot with a spastic, and, the polls indicate, it’s in the bag. Stalin could be a threat, I guess, but that Mao lad is just terrible. I’d be gutted if I was responsible for 49-78 million deaths. What a dick.

On-the-run letters controversy
The devil wears Tony Blair

But, having said that, the good British public did re-elect Blair after he had thoughtfully liberated the Iraqis with his friendly freedom bombs, so, spilt blood and splattered kids isn’t always the turn-off those dating sites would have you believe. So, who knows? That fruit and nut bar Mao could take a surprise lead, bookies favourite, 3-1, £50 fee bet when you open up a new account etc. etc.

What then? Would you rally up support for Hitler? Is Evil Light better than full-fat Evil? Or is it evil to support evil whatever it’s guise? I mean, isn’t the lesser of two evils still the lesser of two evils? Alternatively, the lesser of two evils is still evil, right? Am I more attractive if I kill one kid than my neighbour who killed two? Is that how we roll now? Or, do we simply have to do our best with what we’ve got and make the sensible choice, i.e. the Hitler vote?

The parallels with Hitler are uncanny

As highly intelligent and profoundly civilized human beings, it is vital that we reflect upon these questions. Again – just like with Clinton and Trump – we find ourselves in a situation, on the eve of a general election, being posed with the same predicament and the same questions. On one hand we have Theresa May – liar, U-turner, cop killer, and general all round scum bag toilet brush. On the other we have Jeremy Corbyn, who, just like Hitler, has never used a nuclear bomb. A truly sorry state of affairs.