Jeremy Corbyn: A light in the dark


A good man

The darkness is never more exposed for its inherent emptiness than when the humble candle is lit. For a million years the deep caverns can sit in the most untouchable depths of dark, but when that little light comes along…

Arhhh, well, you see.

And, here we are now, entertain us, little light. Because, the Tories, those bastions of all that is selfish, nasty, greedy and fraudulent, sit very un-pretty… revealed, naked, exposed and alone, as such vice always ultimately is, by the small, modest light of compassion and decency.

In moments like this, the world – this game – is a joy to behold.

But, this is not a mere lesson in politics. This is a lesson in life. When we choose to uphold the dark in our lives and societies then the dark can and will reign supreme. This is not a virtue of the dark, but a simple consequence of what we choose to do with our thoughts, our words, and our actions. Nothing complicated. Just our free will enacted upon the world.

Simply put, we have reaped what we have sewn.

Yet, here we are now, enlighten us, little light. For no matter how dark it has been and for how long, look – LOOK – at what one little light has done. And how swiftly, how efficiently, and how effectively the dark supreme was extinguished.

So quickly… so, so quickly.

This is a lesson for all ages. A lesson for all lives. Be good! Be honest! Be decent! Think of kindness, talk of kindness, act of kindness, and look – fucking LOOK – at what can be done.

There are no miracles here. Just a lesson that we have all always known…

Kindness and compassion, honesty and decency, humility and passion have, and always will, reign supreme. It might take us a little while to orientate ourselves within that cave, and, for sure, we may fumble with the matches and drop the candle, but in that moment, that glorious moment, when friction bursts into flame… everything changes.