We Are All A Little Bit Tory


I understand that a lot of people are upset and despairing at this Conservative government with the greed and corruption that we perceive them as representing, and, of course, our country and our world would be a much better place if such governments with such attitudes didn’t get voted into power. But the Tories and those who vote for them are not a separate species from us. Greed, corruption, selfishness exist in all of us too. The difference is  in degree, not in character, in power, not in position.

So, whilst we consider what we can do to combat and resist the frightening politics of this Conservative government, we would each be wise to commit ourselves to reducing the very traits that we deplore in the Tories that exist in us too. That way we can guarantee – at least in our own lives and circles of influence – real, meaningful, positive change.

So, you don’t want deceit in our world? Then be truthful. You don’t want greed in our world? Then be generous. You don’t want corruption in this world? Then live honestly. You don’t want unnecessary suffering? Then be compassionate. And do not tell me that you are all of these things! You are not. You have room for improvement. We all do. And, irrespective of whether the Tories are in power or whether angels reign over us, we have the power to choose how we conduct our own lives.

A better world will not be bestowed upon us by great leaders, but by the moment to moment actions of every single one of us. Theresa May is not the reason you hurl abuse at the referee. Theresa May is not the reason you shout at your kids.  Theresa May is not the reason you get wasted on a Friday night. Theresa May is not the reason you bitch about your colleagues. Theresa May is not the reason you cheat on your partner.

YOU change. I change. WE change. Then we get our better world.