9/11 was NOT an inside job, dumb fuck


WTC floor plan… How do you fit an airport inside here?!

I don’t understand what is meant by this. The planes that crashed into the buildings clearly came from the outside of the buildings. Are there people who think that there was an airport inside of the world trade centre buildings where the planes took off from? Even if that was so, surely the fact that they went from inside to the outside negates it being an ‘inside job’… or at least makes it a bit of both.

Or are there conspiracy theorists who don’t believe that the planes hit from the outside but actually hit from the inside of the buildings, i.e. the planes took off from the airport inside the buildings and then crashed into the buildings from the inside? How would that work? And why did we see planes come from the outside?

I think from previous posts it is clear that I question things and I always support the questioning of authority, but I think sometimes within the conspiracy theorist field there is a distinct lack of critical thinking, logic, and just basic common sense. I don’t feel like they think things through, and are too quick to speak and speculate on things without truly understanding the subject at hand. It’s quite off-putting.